Kimi & Drew at The Farm Rome, GA

Kimi, Drew, and Lannah.  I don’t have enough incredible things to say about this family. Kimi was incredible in all of her details, and planning, and then her ability to just be calm and collected as things unfolded the day of her wedding. Drew was tender, fun-loving, and a ball on the dance floor. Their parents, wedding party, and vendors were all fantastic. I felt like I was enjoying a good friends wedding! These two held nothing back in planning their gorgeous celebration of love, and I know that’s a reflection of the incredible way they love one another. I know you two see one another, and are happy resting in what you find.  Here’s to happy ever after you two!

Venue: The Farm

Caterer: Harvest Moon

Ceremony Musicians & DJ: The TC Show

Frozen Yogurt Bar: Sweet Frogs

Hair & Makeup: Vigilante Cosmetics

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