A Letter to Hunter- Three Years

Fearless. Wild. Wonderful. Adored.

All things I think of when I think of my little  not so little boy.

134-Exposure1135-Exposure1136-Exposure1You love to play outside, run, climb things and sing to me. You have found a love for books, and can recite the ones we read the most often. You talk about Jesus a lot and I am grateful you are listening to me. Right now your are certain He lives in the corner of your bedroom, but also in your heart. I love that.


You have grown by leaps and bounds this past year. Your Daddy, sister and I have marveled at how incredibly funny you are. & how much you make us all laugh! You are so strong willed and independent but there are times when you need us so much.

Your little sponge of a brain has soaked up so much this year. You amaze us with the things you know and say. You are always saying your ABC’s and counting.

One, Three, four, Five, Six, Seben, Eight, Nine, Fourteam.

You make funny faces and silly noises to make me smile and if I am ever sad you tell me, “Don’t cry Mommy. Daddy will make it all better.”

You love kisses and hugs and still love being cuddled.  & you are all boy. You love bugs, and mud and being sticky. You are my best and goofiest little buddy.


Today you are two. You are watching Paw Patrol and still deciding between a sippy cup and a big boy cup. Today you are begging me for a sucker and asking me to fall asleep with you when you take your nap. But tomorrow is different. Tomorrow you are three. Tomorrow  you are a three-nager. Tomorrow I say goodbye to you as a baby and say hello to you as a little man. There is a vast difference from two to three and I see it in you and the way you are these days. Strong, sure of yourself, and so incredibly smart.

Happy almost third birthday Hunter Bug. Let the wild rumpus start.


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