Tiffany & Kavon- Hilton/Marietta Conference Center

Sometimes a friend asks a photographer to shoot their wedding and we cringe internally. Friends sometimes means higher expectations and the opportunity for mistakes just somehow seems greater than with a stranger. Because, well, you just don’t want to disappoint your friends. & then Tiffany told me years ago that when the day came I would shoot her wedding, no doubts about it. & that day came and I was incredibly blessed to use my talents to shoot the most love filled, easy going day from start to finish. There is nothing more stunning in a photograph than real love and easy laughter and Tiffany and Kavon have both.

I have never laughed so hard editing pictures. Mainly because I can remember every time I would say something goofy to make Tiffany laugh, and have time to catch it before her term of endearment, “Jessica, I love you.” Seriously, I felt like I was totally rocking my job when I would hear that. Because hearing that meant Tiff was having fun, taking it easy and making my job gravy by just being gorgeous.

& Kavon, the way he held her, told corny one-liners that made her laugh (or whatever else he was whispering in her ear? Who am I to care, because it totally worked!) They just looked so in love. Like one of those couples you know are truly more than man and wife, but best friends as well. At least that’s my assessment…


My point being…

You take such a good looking couple, pair it with incredible friends and family, a killer venue (the Hilton Hotel-Marietta Conference Center) and a Persian flair and you have this. One spectacular wedding day.

& I am so glad I was there, to laugh with you, love with you and capture it all for you, to have forever! Love you both!





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