Week 9 Bumpdate

Wow! We have known about this pregnancy for six weeks now! It has been so much fun telling those around us about this baby and now the planning begins. I think about baby names daily and wonder always of this one is a boy or girl! I have no true desire to find out but it’s fun to wonder and daydream.

I hope to continue these updates, mostly for my own record keeping but also for the few who are interested in our progress!


Weekly Update:


How far along: 9 weeks! How can that be possible?

How big is baby: the size of a Pecan based on my fun little app and the book says 1.5 inches long! It never ceases to amaze me that something so small turns into the squishy little babe we will bring home this Summer!


Total weight gain: still down 12 lbs from when I found out. I am doing my best to eat all I can but its nearly impossible!
Maternity clothes: yes, but not because I have to! I just like the room around the already growing belly!

Cravings: mainly sour, like with Hunter. Sour skittles and tart apples are my jam at the moment! Also, salsa!!!!!
Sleep: it’s been rough! I am so congested and have nightly headaches and then the big kids want to act crazy all of a sudden (is it the weather?) and get up at all hours of the night wanting to sleep with us! I usually nap or rest every day while the kids do and it still never fees like enough. Last night I fell asleep while Brock did dishes. Thanks babe!
Best moment so far: Seeing our litte gummy bear at our ultrasound last week and then finding the heartbeat with our home Doppler! That sound will never get old!!!
What I am looking forward to: meeting with our midwife in a week or so and talking a little more! Wanting to avoid gestational diabetes this time and I am loaded with that and other questions!
Pregnancy complaints: oh you know, being so close to the toilets at home and at work isn’t the best! I do love being pregnant though! I love the questions and the planning and all of the preparation so I guess I can take a little all day sickness because what I get in return makes it look like nothing!

Progress: lord I hope not!

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