Babyland General

Today was a dream come true. When I found out I was expecting a baby girl I imagined taking her to Cleveland, GA home of the Cabbage Patch Doll. It sounds silly, yes, but it was something I envisioned doing with my girl and today was awesome! At two and half I was slightly worried about two things, the two hour drive and steering my child in the direction of a baby that wasn’t worth our mortgage. Neither were a problem!


We went with my mother and father in law, my sister in laws and their little girls. We left early and arrived just as people were really starting to trickle in.

After some photographs in front of the beautiful building we were ushered inside and greeted by the nursing staff (complete with costume). We signed in and then made our way over to the iconic cabbage for our pictures. After that we viewed some of the pricier babies (ranging from $9.99 to $399) and made our way to Mother Cabbage. Nestled in cabbage leaves and in cribs all over are your selections. 2016-03-19_00062016-03-19_0007


Hadley quickly chose a baby and then traded every few feet for another until oddly enough settling on one with blue eyes and brown hair like she has. With no help, she decided it was “Baby Emmie” and we moved on to selecting a few accessories. Nana & Papaw patiently waited for the other girls to choose their babies and then we moved onto the adoption process.

Each girl (or Mommy if they were unwilling) had to raise their right hand and promise to love and care for their baby. They were then given a birth certificate and off we went!

2016-03-19_00092016-03-19_00102016-03-19_00112016-03-19_00122016-03-19_0013More pictures and some fun at the Easter Carnival and we were off, to make our way back home, new babies in tow.


It was everything I hoped it would be. Sure, I wouldn’t want to be locked in that place after dark 😉 but it was fun, and sweet to watch all of these little girls and boys choosing babies to love and care for. I know she will be a treasured part of our family and I absolutely would go back!


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