Emily + Steve, Cave Springs Wedding at The Hearn Inn

If you are reading this and you are a photographer, there may come a time when another photographer asks you to take their wedding photos. You will take a deep breath, consider saying no for fear of not measuring up, but do yourself favor and give them a resounding YES! What happens when you do that, you might ask. Magic! Pure, lovely magic. Emily is a creative, and an old soul like myself. She paid attention to the details, the handwritten notes, the lace, the lighting. It was lovely. I showed up and she showed me a room of details ready to go and steered me in the direction of a room, bathed in light where the girls would be getting ready. It was so nice. I mean, one of the things that separates the pro from the uncle with the camera is the ability to turn the ordinary into the incredible but it is SO NICE to have someone make that job a little easier! But enough of that.

Steve and Emily are high school sweethearts. My high school actually, and that’s how Emily and I know each other. It was such a pleasure watching these two, exchanging vows and then singing to one another on the dance floor as the night went on. I am so, so in awe of them and the heart-work they put into this special day, as well as the beautiful way they love and support and just seem to get one another. So proud and honored to have been a part of their day. Emily & Steve, I wish you years of happiness! You deserve it!



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