Michelle + Clay at the Brickyard Marietta GA

Y’all. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter way to “officially” end wedding season. As any of my friends know, my husband and I welcomed our third baby to our family and I cut back accordingly, but this wedding made me SO sad to be done for the year. Michelle and her best friend found me online, and we met a Starbucks near home. I immediately loved both Michelle and Clay. I remember remarking on her incredible blue eyes and watching Clay just look at her in the most adoring way the entire meeting. We later met in Kennesaw for their engagement photos and I was once again so warmed by their hilarious antics and obvious romance. Wedding day was no different, but it was way better. Enter the bridal party of dreams! Sweet, funny, helpful, they seriously felt like friends at the end of the day. & pair all of this with the worlds most amazing team of vendors. Michelle’s attention to detail left no stone un-turned. I can’t say enough about the food, entertainment and venues. Really guys, props to you! I mean, how many brides get the ultimate privilege of having the great Henry the 8th do their makeup? Yeah, not many. 

So Michelle & Clay, you made my day! From your love for each other, to your vows, to your sweet waltz and reception shenanigans, I was floored! I hope I did your day justice! Enjoy!2016-10-30_00012016-10-30_00022016-10-30_00032016-10-30_00042016-10-30_00122016-10-30_00092016-10-30_00102016-10-30_00112016-10-30_00132016-10-30_00162016-10-30_00142016-10-30_00152016-10-30_00342016-10-30_00182016-10-30_00172016-10-30_00192016-10-30_00202016-10-30_00212016-10-30_00462016-10-30_00472016-10-30_00482016-10-30_00502016-10-30_00492016-10-30_00512016-10-30_00522016-10-30_00392016-10-30_00382016-10-30_00402016-10-30_00412016-10-30_00362016-10-30_00352016-10-30_00542016-10-30_00552016-10-30_00532016-10-30_00562016-10-30_00372016-10-30_00422016-10-30_00452016-10-30_00432016-10-30_00622016-10-30_00582016-10-30_00592016-10-30_00602016-10-30_00612016-10-30_00632016-10-30_0064lillardstrandsneak2016-10-30_00652016-10-30_00572016-10-30_00062016-10-30_00442016-10-30_00072016-10-30_00082016-10-30_00232016-10-30_00222016-10-30_00262016-10-30_00272016-10-30_00252016-10-30_00282016-10-30_00292016-10-30_00322016-10-30_00332016-10-30_00302016-10-30_00312016-10-30_00242016-10-30_0066



Coordinator: Events by Kimberly Jan


Cake: Sugar Plum Visions


Caterer: Carriage House Catering


DJ, Photobooth & Uplighting: Exquisite Sounds Entertainment


Flowers: Carithers


Transportation: Marietta Trolley


Videography: Lexoria Wedding Films

Venue: First United Methodist Church (ceremony) & The Brickyard (Reception)


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