What to Wear- Fall Addition

It’s that time of year again! The weather is slowly but surely giving everyone a break and making it perfect for those Fall family photos. The season lends some serious beauty to your photographs. The colors, the light, the cool weather all come together to make for a perfect session.

While you guys are planning your big moments, one of the questions I am most asked is “What do we wear?”, which falls right behind. “Can you make me skinnier?” Well, I can’t and don’t need to! All you need is a genuine smile and some sweet fashion choices! The Summer/Fall transition is begging for a pair of boots, or a pop of color found in a scarf or sweater! It’s not always easy, however, to make it all come together when you are coordinating outfits for the whole family.

A couple rules for dressing your family:

– Coordination does not mean “matchy”. All white shirts, and denim is certainly a thing of the past! Think neutrals, with a pop of color or two! Choose a color scheme and run with it through all of the outfits, without choosing “matching” shirts for the little ones or worse, for you and your significant other.

– Avoid logos. NIKE is not paying you to dress your kiddos in their clothes and you don’t really want that all over your gallery wall at home!

– There are a couple of universal rules that everyone has to except, like it or not. Toast lands jelly side down, cars break down on rainy days, cats land on their feet and your kids will get dirty. It’s important to be comfortable, and as sweet as it may seem to put Jr. in a three piece suit, he will tear the knee of the pants and get mud on the tie. Dress to impress but leave anything important and expensive at home! Let your littles run and play, the photos will be that much sweeter.

With all of that said, here is my most favorite color scheme:


You can choose any of these pieces and you wouldn’t go wrong! The bright, warm colors will really pull the color and give your photos that dreamy Fall look you are searching for! This early in the season, not everything has turned color and utilizing your wardrobe to mimic those Fall colors is genius!

Happy Planning!

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