Rohde Family- Marietta, GA

I’m not typing up a sappy blog post here. I just won’t do it. But I will say this.

Val, I’ll miss your unwavering Faith in the Lord and your incredible advice.

Doug, I’ll miss your quick wit and cleverness. You, friend, are a funny dude! & you know everything, am I right Val?

Ryne, I’ll miss your raspy sweet voice saying “Ms. Jess but where are your kids?” when I show up somewhere without them.

Ben, oh how I will be sad to see that big cheesy smile go tomorrow!!!

& sweet baby Anneliese, you were well prayed for, and I can’t imagine not kissing those chubby cheeks! Your brothers better take good care of you!

Rohde family, this is a see ya later, so safe travels! Georgia will miss you!

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