Linnie Mae- 18 months

Linnie Mae, Linnie, Lindley, Lindy Lou, Mae Mae

So I photograph my kids religiously, or at least I try to. I can go back to their births and find incredible photos that show their little personalities. I live for taking photos of them that take my breath. In the winter months it is a little harder to document their lives, because I can’t take them and let them run wild through a field or a playground. What we can do (and we do well) is snuggle up with books and our favorite lovies, and capture where they are right now just like I would in the summer months! && honestly I can’t tell you which I prefer. Either way, my goal is to tell a story. Today you see a little girl, who is quickly outgrowing her role as the “the baby” of the family. She is incredibly independent, quick to smile, snuggly as can be, loves everything (especially Unicornio her baby and Toulouse the cat) and yet, when she is tired still is my sweet little girl who loves to suck her thumb and rub her belly. I can’t believe she has been on this earth a whole year and a half.

Quick status update:

Age: 18 months
Stats: Weighs about 20-21lbs, and she us definitely my tallest baby
Favorite Foods: A shorter list would be her least favorite foods. & I’m not actually sure there would be anything on that. She loved blueberries, pancakes, sausage, eggs, cheese…yeah, I’ll stop there because it goes on and on.
Words: My Daddy, Mommy, Bubba, Louie, Bye Bye, Night Night, Oh, Mine, Ho Ho Ho. My all time favorite is “Wook”! She points her little finger at whatever she wants you to “look” at.
Favorite Activities: Eating (all day, every day), dancing with sissy, watching Bubba get off the school bus, riding in the car, being thrown and climbing as high as she can
Favorite Things: She loves her lovie (Unicornio), but is really into babies in general. She loves to “rock the baby”. She also is big into eating crayons. Anytime she finds one it becomes her snack. She loves to lay her head on your shoulder and pat your arm or back. She is big into repeating sounds right now. Da da da daaaaaa, (you know, Beethoven?) is her favorite at the moment. She likes to be chased by Bubba! Her little squeals melt my heart!
Least Favorite Things: She is becoming not so fond of sitting in the highchair, and doesn’t like to be told no. It breaks her heart. Instant crocodile tears.
Signature Moves: Backing up a half a mile to sit in a chair or on a step. Walking up to you while you’re sitting and laying her head on your knee. Patting our arms and backs when she is being sweet and sucking her thumb while holding her necklace or touching her belly and bellybutton!
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