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It is seriously scary how often I find myself looking for a new bag. Before kids it was your typical purse, most likely Vera. Then I grew up a little and cross-bodies were the thing so I got a MK leather cross body, perfect for going out and even more perfect for someone like me who leaves things literally , everywhere. It was great until I got pregnant. & then panic set in as I started realizing how many things I would need to leave the house for even thirty minutes and keep my child alive. I bought a Carters bag from Buybuybaby and then a Skiphop from Target. Loved them both, but it was just too much.

Then comes the realization of Hadley, and I was overwhelmed with how much it took to tote around two tiny tornados. It was really too much to lug a carseat, hold a toddlers hand and have a bag slipping off my shoulder and so fast forward about three months to a trip to the circus where I saw this amazing print on someones back, and discovered…Sakroots. An awesome company with killer products and prints and I loved my backpack. Until now.

I started work as a teacher’s assistant at a private preschool and childcare center. My kids come with me, and therein lies my problem! I need something that quadruples as a purse, diaper bag for two, camera bag, and work bag. I need to be able to pack a lunch, store diapers and bottles, extra clothes, my books, my bible and my personal effects as well. So now what? I have narrowed it down (if you can call it that) to a couple of bags I have had my eye on for awhile.

1- Kelley Moore Bag (Libby) found here for $249.

The most expensive of the bunch, but also the most functional. This bag has removable dividers to easily transfer from daytime mommy bag, to weekend getaway bag, and finally to camera bag for wedding weekend! I love the color, as well as the interior and to top it all off these bags get great reviews!



2- Jototes (Allison) found here for $89.

This bag is on the smaller side but I love the cross-body look (kicking it back to going out and only needing a couple things to survive). The color is good, and it too has the removable dividers for camera toting.



3- Better Life Bags (Custom Made) found here for $198.

This bag is where it’s at. For a creative like me, the idea of customizing my bag is pretty much right up the middle of my alley. The style this bag has is almost is great as the message behind it! Better Life Bags employs women who otherwise would not be able to provide for their families. Low income, sometimes first generation immigrants get a rental sewing machine and the skills to support themselves and their loved ones! How cool is that??


4- Thirty-One (Organizing Utility Tote) found here for $37 with personilization.

The organizing utility tote comes in at the bottom as far as price but ranks pretty high in functionality. Tons of pockets provide space for the little things and the open wide center compartment packs a pretty big punch as far as space is concerned. It is a little bit of a win some/lose some situation as it also has no closure and when you drive like me and your bag spends a lot of time upside down in the passenger floorboard you kind of need the security a zipper provides.3105927A_5565- Monogrammed Potterybarn Tote found here for $103.

Gotta love the color on this bag! Love the canvas straps and option to carry by the handles or shoulder strap. Looks functional but screams baby bag and I really wanted something that transitioned into a “me” bag when I am not with my littles.




Thoughts Momma’s? Anything else you have found, no matter the price that you think is a must-have for a Momma on the go?



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