About Me


The about me page. My least favorite part! The about me page mostly reminds me of the first day of school & so here is the ice-breaker.Three things about me. I am a coffee-holic. I need it in the morning but it doesn’t loose it’s appeal as the day goes on. I love the smell, the feel and the weight of books.  I am quite the cook. I have a hard time keeping it simple too. My kitchen is a disaster after I am through, but the meal will be divine. My name is Jessica Watkins. I am first and foremost a wife & mother. I have a wonderful husband who works hard to make sure I can follow my dreams. Together we have three beautiful children. These things have shown me how to search for tender moments. They have taught me the patience to poise above my shutter, ready to capture incredible moments. I have seen so much beauty in my life, and always in unusual places. I am so thrilled to be able to use those gifts to make memories last for you!

As far as my beautiful dive into photography has gone. I have been blessed beyond belief. The Lord has given me a passion for this amazing thing I do. I have been in business now for 8 years and I continue to grown and learn every time I pick up a camera. I treasure you, for treasuring the good in your life & wanting to hold it dear forever!